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Who is Macarena Gómez?

Let's round up some info here:

She's an exotic and beautiful actress from Spain;

She's the star, and title character of Miguel Marti's new film Sexykiller.

She's an award winning Spanish actress with dozens of successful projects under her belt already; including a role in Stuart Gordon's H.P. Lovecraft adaptation Dagon. She's had several roles in Spanish TV series, often playing a returning character.

Macarena in Dagon

No doubt she's big over there; but now we finally have the chance to discover her for ourselves.

In Sexykiller, Macarena Gómez combines the fashion sense of Paris Hilton, the Do-It-Yourself approach of Martha Stewart, with the murderous sensibilities of Hanibal Lector.

No doubt, one of the many creative blood-letting tools of destruction Macarena will weild as Bárbara in Sexykiller.

Tabloid factoid: She used to date Jaume Balaguero, the writer director of [Rec] --> an absolutely stunning zombie flick. You can already see posters hanging in commercial theatre lobbies for the remake, retitled "Quarantine".

Macarena will be on the red carpet this year for the premiere of Sexykiller.

Ooh! I'm so excited to see her. I loved Dagon. In fact, last year I got Stuart Gordon to sign the cover of my Dagon DVD and I guess this year I can ask her as well. Yay for me!
Comment By Sheleigh Bober At 11/09/2021 3:42 PM
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