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It's been days since I've posted anything. The truth is I've been held captive in a subterranean lair somewhere on Queen St. W since Saturday night and didn't manage to escape until this afternoon. I also managed to get out with all the footage on my camera intact, so I think it's only fair I share this short message from Macarena Gomez.

VIDEO: The Sexykiller speaks!
Very nice movie I saw it too! I also saw 'The appeared' great horror movie from Paco Cabezas, the writer from Sexykiller (Im sure he is the real brain behind this movie) you only have to check Marti´s former movies (two cheap copies of American Pie) to see that the jokes and the politically incorrect style is from Cabezas...
Comment By misterspock666 At 17/09/2021 3:48 PM
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