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OK, maybe not ever, but Flash Point really delivered in the beat-down category.  Seriously, that last half-hour was totally rad. 

First off, here's the video from last night, courtesy of my own personal Jesus, Sanjay Rajput.  The Intro is above, the Q&A below.

Second, From the sounds of your reactions Donnie Yen is, in fact, the new black.  And, from the sounds of what Wilson Yip said about working with him he a) totally knows it and b) really loves that his job is to beat the holy hell out of everyone.

It's pretty refreshing that given all the years we've seen fight sequences get outright ridiculous with wire usage, that someone can still do incredible martial arts movies without relying on them.

I think at some point before that final run there may have been a story to follow, but after all that, it was pretty secondary to seeing a shootout and a punch-up on open farming land.

If anyone was so unfortunate to have missed it, I'll do my best to re-enact it right now:

punch punch kick kick kick punch punch kick punch kick kick kick punch kick kick punch punch punch punch kick kick kick punch punch kick grapple hold hold throw sail through the air thud.

I betcha that didn't do it justice.  Well for the rest of the action you may have missed, I think you'll just want to check out the next screenings today at 12:30 at Scotiabank 14, and just save me a lot of typing.

I pity the fools in the theatre nxt door if they think they'll be able to enjoy whatever it is they're watching while Flash Point drowns out with its awesomeness.