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There are many different qualities that can constitute what makes up a good film, great acting, great cinematography, an excellent movie score. When all of these components all work in tandem - often times more than not results in a great film. A film in my opinion should also inspire conversation once the credits roll.

Deadgirl is one such film. As someone who has watched scores of horror films Deadgirl made me squirm in my seat, made me uncomfortable and somehow made me laugh at the same time. The backbone of this film lies in the great screenplay by Trent Haaga. Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel bring strong direction to the film and the actors Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan and Jenny Spain (in the titular role) bring strong fearless performances to their respective roles. I would like to mention everyone in the cast but once again should really digress.

Armed with my voice recorder and quite curious what others thought of this film I couldn't wait to ask people their respective opinion. As one can imagine with strong subject matter comes equally strong opinions.

Carolline "It was a good shocker that's for sure."

Jason "Beyond reprehensible, I was recoilling the whole time I ended up looking around the theater to see what people were looking at and what they were taking in."

Devon who was sitting directly beside Jason started laughing and said "Yeah it was a great film."

Further down the line I began to speak to an older a couple by the names of Suzanne and Mark from Buffalo NY that at first glance one wouldn't think they were sitting in line for Midnight Madness Suzanne says of Deadgirl "I loved Deadgirl, I almost broke my husbands arm while watching the film, I'm like Whoa! Scary."  Mark "Deadgirl was great, yeah Deadgirl was terrific."

Devon goes on to say "It was disturbing as hell. This film was shocking in a way I'm not used to."

Melanie "I hated it, my friend left after five minutes after being there. I only stayed to see how it would end."

Alexia "It was awesome." However Adam who was sitting beside Alexia says "The film went a bit too far, a bit disturbing."

Chris informed me "I enjoyed it as a zombie movie and thought it was a different direction for a zombie film to go."

Tracey "Eleven on the eeecchhhh scale!"

Richard at almost a lost for words says "Very creepy movie.....wow! Deadgirl, different."

Dan tells me, "I liked it, than I hated it, then I started to enjoy hating it then I began resenting myself for enjoying something I hate and then I was pretty much over it, so kudos to Deadgirl and hopefully next time she is directed by people who give her lines next time and care about her safety and comfort."

Bernadine "I wasn't repulsed by it at all  but it did make me scream and it is hard for me to scream so it was great and I got to laugh so much. It was a really good horny teenaged guy movie."

At the time of this writing Deadgirl has two more screenings.

Robert Mitchell

This was such a weak film for midnight madness! It wasn't original, it didn't disturb me, it didn't scare me, it didn't gross me out, and it didn't make me want to know what was going to happen next.

I should've walked out when my friend did. I just felt bad for the person in the aisle seat who had to put with so many of my group getting up to leave/use the washroom/check our blackberries/etc.
Comment By Ada Wong At 08/09/2021 3:28 PM
Deadgirl was at the very least a disturbing movie - if only due to the casual cruelty exhibited by virtually every major character. And I'm not entirely sure that it wasn't morally reprehensible or even downright offensive. But I don't think it was weak.

It seems to borrow some elements or ideas from other movies. Fido (2006) comes to mind, as well as some of George Romero's recent work. But it's scaled down, similar to how Reservoir Dogs (1992) takes elements out of City on Fire (Hong Kong, 1987) and explores those tensions.

But as I said under Sanjay Rajput's Deadgirl Intro & Q&A entry from a couple days ago, I think the film is mostly dealing with adolescent male issues - which I would guess doesn't hold much interest for many of us.
Comment By DaveBOTN At 08/09/2021 7:44 PM
I agree with Ada and Mel. But then, I'm the friend that walked out of it, so who knows. maybe it picked up. I just found it unoriginal, not scary, and not worth missing out on desperately needed sleep. During these 10 days I'm willing to give up all my sleep for a good movie, but this wasn't one of them.
Comment By Darrin At 09/09/2021 1:46 AM

Wasn't original...? What films do you watch???
Comment By greatsilence At 09/09/2021 3:05 AM
read this take on the film for thought...

Comment By greatsilence At 11/09/2021 4:04 AM
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