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Filmmakers / Bloggers Profiles / 2008

Carol Borden
Carol Borden writes about comics for the Cultural Gutter and movies for her zine, Monstress. She likes black sesame caramels, late night prowling, martial arts and monsters. At Midnight Madness, she combines them all.

Darryl Shaw
Darryl Shaw is an indy filmmaker and cult cinema junkie; he has made several short horror films, and is currently shooting a subversive sci-fi satire feature in Niagara Falls.

Jeff Wright
Jeff Wright is a Toronto-based musician, writer and professional film nerd. After retiring his critically acclaimed and controversially-conceptual band Shit Wizard in the mid '00s due to the tour related difficulties of having members in Japan, Iceland, and France, Jeff turned his attention to film full time. Jeff is a frequent contributor to Filmcatcher.com and a founding editor of the film review blog TheyShootActorsDontThey.com. Jeff also curated the film component of the 2008 Over The Top Festival in Toronto, and looks forward to doing more programming in the future.

Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell is an avid movie goer, whose favorite film changes daily. This year will mark his sixth year attending MM and many of his fondest memories of seeing a film were in the midst of the MM audience, including the screenings of Hostel, Ong-Bak and L'Interieur. Blogging is where two of his favorite passions collide - watching films and writing about films. He also drinks too much coffee.

Sanjay Rajput
Sanjay Rajput is a mechanical engineer who once made a living watching paint dry. Since 2001 he has spent his vacation at TIFF living on a steady diet of popcorn, hot dogs, and about 45 films. After seeing his first Midnight Madness in 2001 he decided sleeping on vacation was overrated and now blogs to fill in the time between screenings. If you see him in line say hi, he's the loudmouth Indian guy in the Hawaiian shirt with dark circles underneath his bloodshot eyes.

Steve D'Alimonte
This is Steve's first year being involved with TIFF, and is looking forward to helping bring the latest updates from the "Midnight Madness" frontline. During daylight hours, Steve works for TV's "Daily Planet" as a Post-Production Coordinator. He is a graduate of Film and Politics from Queen's University (2005) and is set to begin his MA this fall in the joint Ryerson-York program in Communication and Culture. Don't let the schooling fool you though, Steve's true passions include ketchup looking blood splattering on the screen, galaxies far, far away and dancing robots.

Sachin Hingoo
Sachin Hingoo is a veteran of the Toronto International Film Festival and has seen dozens upon dozens of films in his six years here (his 'record' being 25 films over the course of a single week). He enjoys films of every genre and is said to have an unhealthy obsession with the work of David Lynch. He is very excited to share his experiences at this year's Midnight Madness programme with the readers of the TIFF blog. Sachin's favourite movies include Blue Velvet , Hard Boiled, and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When not at the Festival, he can be found staying up all night anyway.