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We Love You Too, Suzie.

For the past couple days, we've been asking for your photos and videos from your own Midnight Madness experiences.

We've received some good stuff, but so far only one that's made us stand up and say 'This needs to be seen by as many people as possible'.

This comes courtesy of our friend Sue Maynard.  She informs us that both zombies were nothing but courteous, escorting her not only to the bus stop, but onto the bus and walking her the whole way home.  Tragically, upon arrival at her residence, they burst through her bedroom wall and fed on her sweet, sweet brains.

We'll miss you, Sue.  Life can be cruel sometimes.

Please keep sending in pictures and we'll get them up and treat them with the utmost respect, for the sake of your grieving families.

Dear sweet Sue will be missed. I'm sure those zombies had a feast as I'm sure Sue's brains were filled with the images she got from her hardcore TIFF viewing.
I'm sure part of her will live on...in the undead.
Comment By Chris At 11/09/2021 1:39 PM
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