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Devil's Chair video
This is probably the first time I've had to slap a Parental Guidance warning on a Q&A, but The Devil's Chair director Adam Mason and star Andrew Howard used some fairly colourful language at times.  If you don't like the C-word, consider yourselves warned. This also goes down as my favourite Q&A thus far due to Howard's reaction.  Seeing his own performance for the first time unnerved him so much that he did most of the session crouched onstage, his knees to weak to support himself for too long a period. Again, a big thanks to Sanjay Rajput for getting us the...


Sukiyaki opening!
Hey everyone, here's pretty much everything you missed from last night's opening of Sukiyaki Western Django.  Y'know, aside from an epic, bitchin' Japanese western (laughs at those who missed out). The Intro footage has the Q&A as well, because for some wacky reason Colin decided to do it beforehand last night. We'll get the footage of Takashi Miike's awesome video intro up as soon as possible.  Yar, I be a pirate... but a pirate with permission. Thank you to our friends for not only coming up from Detroit to partake in the madness but for also providing us with this footage. ...