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The problem with the Midnight Madness programme at TIFF is that there is only one movie per day, and there are only ten days of the Festival. Now, let's see...carry the six, add four, minus seven....That's only ten films! Which means that from the truckload of off-the-wall cinema that programmer Colin Geddes has to sift through every year, certainly the vast majority don't make the cut for midnight.That's, of course, not to say that the ones that don't make it aren't good or even great films. So sometimes Colin will put some of the ones that didn't make the cut...


So I have been a long time fan of Hong Kong action films and one of the names that often gets slipped when talking about  heavy hitters like Jackie Chan and Jet Li is Donnie Yen, the star and action director of FLASH POINT directed by Wilson Yip. Sure there are other dudes who look good with the fists on camera like Sammo Hung (a true heavy hitter!), Yuen Biao, Billy Chow and others, but over the past few years, Donnie Yen has been working back and forth as both star and...