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Well, everyone, your raucous applause and dedication to the cause of human-zombie integration has been recognized.

Not only is the Midnight Madness audience officially nominated for the annual Colin Geddes Prize for the Promotion of Living-Undead Harmony, but it now seems that your reaction has helped George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead get sold.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Romero sold the rights to Diary yesterday for somewhere between $2-2.5 Million to the Weinsteins (a fact we will NOT hold against him).

Our congratulations go out to George and his people.  We, as an incredible audience, take every last inch of credit for the sale of the incredible satire that you painstakingly created.

Way to go, everyone.

f*n fantastic!
we were there, THE CAPTAINS INTANGIBLE, to support George and all the talented/dedicated/loyal people who put this film together, as George says, 'under the radar.'

great film.

we are so happy that MANY, MANY more fans of George's films -- and fans of great stories of truth, in general -- will get the opportunity to see this amazing film on the cinema screen.
THIS IS NOT A RENTAL (until you have to own it).

and enjoy our little song in the end credits.

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