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Anyone in attendance at last night's screening of Sexykiller was privy to, in my opinon, the most unbelievably fun movie (with the possible exception of last Friday's Detroit Metal City) of this year's Midnight Madness programme. In true Midnight Madness fashion, the beach balls were busted out and there was no shortage of zombies on hand to liven up the red carpet!

Sexykiller was truly an overture of love from director Miguel Marti to his favourite horror films. Macarena Gomez's Barbara rips through an unsuspecting campus while extolling her love for The Silence of The Lambs, Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, and several others.

In this way (and really, in only this way), Sexykiller reminded me a lot of Martyrs, which also contained references – albeit subtle ones – to many other classic horror films. Martyrs' last scenes were quite reminiscent of both Hellraiser and Rosemary's Baby. Visually, it would be difficult not to think of Saw during some of the 'dungeon' sequences as well. Similarly, the chase sequences during the first half of the film were somewhat evocative of Japanese horror films like The Grudge or Ringu.

Last night was nothing less than a celebration of the genre and, for me, was one of the highlights of this year's festival. Don't miss the second screening of Sexykiller at 1:30pm today at the Varsity!

Hear! Hear!

This was indeed a welcome relief after a week of many serious and not-so-fun movies like Deadgirl, Acolytes, Martyrs, Eden Log, and even The Burrowers (which was actually rather grim, and not so much fun as you might think.)

The beach balls in the audience and Macarena's Q&A didn't hurt either.

If it wasn't so gruesome, I'd even say Sexykiller was a light and fun comedy. Lots of fun!
Comment By DaveBOTN At 14/09/2021 8:25 PM
Very nice movie I saw it too! I also saw 'The appeared' great horror movie from Paco Cabezas, the writer from Sexykiller (Im sure he is the real brain behind this movie) you only have to check Marti´s former movies (two cheap copies of American Pie) to see that the jokes and the politically incorrect style is from Cabezas...
Comment By misterspock666 At 17/09/2021 3:44 PM
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