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I am sure that there may be some folks sitting in Ryerson Theater in early September that may not have seen or even remember one of JCVD's greatest films, BloodSport.    (Spolier Alert By clicking here you will see the final fight in Bloodsport)

Well this film has it all. Forrest Witaker, exotic locales, intrigue, Bolo Yeung, a cool martial arts tournament named "The Kumite", that big guy from Revenge of the Nerds and it was directed by a guy by the name of Newt.

 Van Damme   plays Frank Dux, who is based on a real dude who happens to be named Frank Dux yeah that's right as in "put up your dux" who is quite an accomplished martial artist. Mr. Dux wants to enter the kumite to prove to himself that he is indeed a Master of the Martial Arts but is currently serving in the U.S. Army. Not letting that stop him he goes AWOL and flies to Hong Kong to participate in the tournament.

What follows is a film that is rife with cliche, yet is a perfect Sunday afternoon while sitting on the couch and flipping channels looking for something/anything to watch movie. I don't care when you stumble upon it on television but you will stop and watch. No matter how many commercials they throw at you, you will watch the movie until you see how the film ends even though you know how the movies ends.

This film is one of those late eighties films that is rewatchable no matter how many times you see it. Call it nostalgia, call it what you will but Bloodsport is a highly entertaining film that features some great martial arts action.

I would venture a guess as to why it is so entertaining and that would be it's lead actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. Charismatic,  flexible  and a guy you can root for to over come all the odds.

Oh and if they ever make an X-Men movie with Gambit the first and only choice is JCVD

Robert Mitchell

Bad news bro: Gambit is in the new Wolverin flick and it ain't JCVD! :(
Comment By Sanjay Rajput At 20/08/2021 9:47 PM
Yeah I saw that when I was looking at Gambit info. Hollywood still hasn't gotten the right Punisher either .....Henry Rollins!
Comment By Robert Mitchell At 20/08/2021 11:04 PM
DUDE!!! When your talking about JCVD and the punisher only one name comes to mind: Dolph Lundgren!!!
Comment By Sanjay Rajput At 21/08/2021 6:38 PM
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