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Cue Theme Music
Well, it's about time Midnight Madness got its very own theme song.  Thankfully, fate aligned this year that we found something that completely works with our program and that we can use unofficially, so as to not have to pay for it. Our tune comes from a band called The Sprites, aptly titled "George Romero".  The song praises the Diary of the Dead director (left, opposite, talking to Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright) for the educational value of his back catalogue...


What's That Sound?
I'm going to save everyone the trouble of asking questions after Wednesday night's screening of The Devil's Chair. The score, you will soon realize, is absolutely killer.  Not only that, but it's done by none other than local cellist Zoe Keating and if there's one thing she can teach us, it's that cello is the new punk. Zoe uses pedals and loops to form a one woman string quartet, and her score for The Devil's Chair is nothing short of incredible.  It's ambient.  It's chilling.  It's just going to blow you all away! A Guelph native, Zoe has toured extensively with her former group Rasputina,...