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... some actual press.  My apologies to those who don't get tone, but my Sukiyaki Western Django round-up was entirely fictional.  Hard to believe that publications like "Japanese Western Quarterly", "Feathers of Fancy" and "Bow and Arrow! Magazine" don't exist, I know... but that's just the sad world we live in.

First off, the program itself continues to get nice over-arching summations in the mainstream press which, after 20 years, is a nice bit of recognition.  Time and Reuters both gave us nice little write-ups, which are presently getting copied and pasted into many mid-level publications throughout continental North America.

Pop Journalism did a tidy little review on Argento's Mother of Tears taking a fan's perspective instead of an entirely critical one, which is pretty much essential to having any appreciation of Argento.

The Onion AV Club Blog gave Stuck a glowing review.  I think we're all hoping that this review will lead to even more cornrows in the future of horror cinema.

Blog TO has been really good to the Madness program, really appreciating the films not only for what goes on-screen, but the atmosphere in the crowd that the lot of us try so hard to create.  Check out their reviews on Vexille (here) and Sukiyaki Western Django (here).

Finally, some kind words from Cinematical, praising Adam Mason's The Devil's Chair for Mason's ability to keep things fun and frightening while still flaunting a knowledge of the genre and the audience he's trying to reach.

We'll post some more press as it comes in, but for the time being, if you care what the pros think, there you have it.

Thanks to Salar Madadi for the photo of the world's most accomplished and decorated zombie journalist.