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So I have been a long time fan of Hong Kong action films and one of the names that often gets slipped when talking about  heavy hitters like Jackie Chan and Jet Li is Donnie Yen, the star and action director of FLASH POINT directed by Wilson Yip. Sure there are other dudes who look good with the fists on camera like Sammo Hung (a true heavy hitter!), Yuen Biao, Billy Chow and others, but over the past few years, Donnie Yen has been working back and forth as both star and action choreographer. Prime example was SPL (now avail on dvd as, ack... "KILLZONE") which we screened for Midnight Madness 2005. It had to have been the highlight of my job at the Fest when I was able to usher Sammo Hung on stage to a standing ovation from a packed house. Thanks to all who were there to make that happen!

So the man behind the action in SPL? Boston born Donnie Yen! If you've only seen him in SHANGHAI KNIGHTS, BLADE 2 or HERO (where he fought Jet Li), you have only seen just a sample of his ability. I decided to post a few clips from some of his previous films to provide novices with a bit of history. Also check out his official website. Also check back because I have got some behind the scenes stuff to post for FLASH POINT.

First up is Donnie's fight against Michael Woods in TIGER CAGE 2, directed by Yuen Wo-ping, one of the masters of movie martial artistry. Wo-ping directed Jackie Chan in his first breakthrough film SNAKE IN THE EAGLE'S SHADOW in 1978 and has directed other classics like IRON MONKEY and MIRACLE FIGHTER.

Next is his fight against Jet Li in ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA PART 2, again, under the watchful eye of Yuen Wo-ping who handled the fight direction.

And finally a vid of a skill that will surprised many - he trades his furious fighting fists in for delicate fingers at the piano! This is from the premiere of Tsui Hark's SEVEN SWORDS in China.

Boy, what a one-two punch that show was! I've told many friends about it, but could never supply any visual proof because I was too far back with too cheap a camera to get a good picture. Thanks for supplying the evidence! (Note: consider uploading a picture that doesn't cut off Jing Wu if this is possible.) Thanks also for scheduling FP for a Thursday ... I couldn't have made it on the original date. I am SO there!
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