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Over the years, quite a few films shown at Midnight Madness have come from New Zealand: The Irredutable Truth about Demons, Black Sheep, Heaven, and The Ugly. Until this year, Australian output had been somewhat under-represented, but as we all know, that has changed with the  inclusion of Not Quite Hollywood and Acolytes.

On Monday, Festival Daily covered a roundtable discussion about Australian exploitation cinema. In attendance were Mark Hartley, Jon Hewitt, Michael and Peter Spierig and Colin Geddes.

"Jon Hewitt: I think the films of that era were made with an irresistible fearlessness and bravura that we haven’t seen since in movies from down under. Rather than being intimidated by Hollywood and British product, the filmmakers took ‘em head-on with larrikin confidence and fuck-you chutzpah."

LINK: Genre Down Under: An Email Roundtable