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Macarena Gomez definitely had some temperatures soaring last night at the world premiere of Sexykiller, I know mine did.

 This photo would make Jacques Tourneur proud

I heard somewhere outside of the festival that is Midnight Madness that Paris Hilton has been running around town. We at Midnight now have our own heiress her name you guessed it Macarena Gomez. She is funny charming and down right sexy.

Here we are nine days in. A lot of late nights followed by getting up far too early. Long sessions sitting in front of the computer waiting for pictures to upload and editing footage. A week of great films, the horror of Deadgirl and Martyrs. Getting lost in the beautiful and dark world of Eden Log. Then along comes the film Sexykiller which is like a hard kick in the ass and says "Wake Up! This festival isn't over! Prepare to be entertained!"

To boil the plot to it's core Macarena plays.....well a sexy killer. This film is one of those perfect Midnight Madness flicks. Several genres put into a blender and lets see what you get. Zombies, chainsaws, gore, a great wardrobe funny as hell and Macarena Gomez in a perfect role. Director Miguel Marti who is definitely a fan of genre cinema and often tips his hat to many other films.

Your lucky blogger with Macarena Gomez

You know, I'm just going to put this out there. Macarena will you marry me?