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In The Rush Line For JCVD
I showed up at Ryerson theater tonight just before ten p.m and decided to make like Johnny Cash and walk the line. Find out what compelled people (the line was 80 people long when I started talking to people) to wait in the Rush line for the hopes of seeing JCVD

       The Rush line up for JCVD 10 o'clock pm Thursday Sept 4th 2008

Here is why Rudy one of the first in the Rush line waited to see JCVD
I thought this would be a really interesting comedy and I would like to see Van Damme try something a little more interesting

Dianne told me the film was sold out and wanted to see the film. This is Dianne's first film fest and Midnight Madness. She had traveled all the way from Florida


Karranga saw the trailer online and thought the film looked funny and goes on to say when asked if he was a Van Damme fan no, but I am a child of the 90's and saw many of his films but not a fan just exposed (to his films)

Kirk because Van Damme was like one of my childhood heros, I spent my youth watching Bloodsport, Kickboxer and all the the other fabulous one word titles he was in and the trailer looked pretty cool

Brandon I really enjoyed Van Damme movies and I have never been to the film festival and thought it would be a cool experience

Priscilla from Cincinnati goes on to say I think it would be really interesting and be something different from his genre and thinks it's wonderful (that Van Damme)  could face his demons and be able to share that with the world

Talking to people in the ticket holders line up I learned of the dedication that many who attend Midnight Madness have to make the ten screenings.

George and Greer both work during the day and still make every screening of Midnight Madness when asked why they share this dedication to Midnight Madness here is was what they said.

 George I would say the most important are the audience and the all the films and how obscure some of the films are

 Greer says sometimes it's more about the crowd experience than the actually film it's the film that draws us together but it's the experience with the crowd that makes it enjoyable.

So on this warm September night awaiting the screening of JCVD I learned of the dedication that many who make up the audience have for Midnight Madness. There were many I talked to who informed me that JCVD would be their first Madness experience and I was also surprised how far some had traveled to be here this year. All and all many in the line were chatting excitedly for what promised to be a great performance from Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Robert Mitchell