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Secure Web Server

The Toronto International Film Festival Inc. employs a Secure Server using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for the secure exchange of data between the patron and our system. The system supports both 40bit, 56bit and 128bit SSL encryption on virtually all browsers.

The website transactions are secured using a Thawte SCG Digital Certificate. This ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted. If any other Internet user intercepts the communication he/she will only be able to see it in an encrypted (garbled) form. Certificate technology allows us to decrypt the information, and view it in plain text form. For more information on SSL digital certificates for web servers please click here.

The SGC SuperCert is Thawte's strongest encryption certificate. It automatically steps up protection to a minimum of 128-bit encryption even if your customers use older browsers (IE 4.X or Netscape 4.06 and later) which have limited 40-bit or 56-bit encryption capabilities. 256-bit encryption can be enabled if your client's browser capability and the cipher suite installed on your web server are both 256-bit compatible.


The web server resides behind a dedicated Firewall in a separate secure network. This protects and isolates the Toronto International Film Festival Inc.'s web server.

Credit Card Numbers

No credit card information is maintained on our web servers.

Risk Management System

Our transaction system provides many other elements of security and risk management as part of basic service including protection against fraudulent credit card number generators, redundant accidental transactions, and more.


TIFF's privacy policy is available here.

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