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Catch That Rave!

Rarely these days can people come to a wide consensus on anything.  Especially when it comes to critical thought, there are too many factors in play for discerning minds to completely agree on anything.  This is particularly true in film.

Too many elements go into filmmaking for every critic to agree on a film's merits and only three films in cinematic history have so captured hearts and minds alike:  Citizen Kane, Breathless and now... Sukiyaki Western Django!

The reviews have been pouring in all day and they are nothing short of astounding.

Hideki Kinetawa of Japanese Western Quarterly called Miike's film "a triumph.  For too long the fans and scholars in the Japanese Western Community have suffered with half-measures and sloppily made B pictures.  If Sukiyaki Western Django is not deemed the second coming of The Seven Samurai, I will protest in the ancient Yakuza way of cutting off my pinky finger and mailing it to the writer of the first poor review I read."

But that's not all.

William Horrace of the Canterbury Daily Shakespeare watch chimed in with the following:  "Not since Kurosawa's Ran has the bard so magnificently and lovingly been integrated into a Japanese work of cinematic art.  Truly, Miike understands the subtle nuances of Shakespeare, evidenced by the powerful yet understated reading of a scene from Henry VI halfway through the film.  Kick off your buskins and see this fantastic Shakespearean treat!"

Jason Burris of Feathers of Fancy, Canada's leading birdwatching publication said he "just couldn't get over the raw beauty and emotion of the opening egg scene with Quentin Tarantino." He added, "I think it was a Condor egg".

Troy Trotsky of Bow and Arrow! said that "Miike's dedication to weaponry and skill should be applauded.  Many films have made use of bows and/or arrows, but never before has one had the forethought to use it to kill one human being by shooting an arrow through another human being's gaping abdominal wound.  Bravo!"

These are just some of the clippings that were dropped on my desk this morning, but surely, combined with your enthusiastic reaction last night, it is not a stretch to predict that this film will win at least 15 Oscars this year.

If you missed last night's screening and don't want to regret the remainder of your time here on Earth, there are two more Sukiyaki Western Django screenings:  Tomorrow at 12:30, Varsity 8 and Friday at 9:30 p.m., Varsity 4.

The critics may agree, but the film didn't do it for me... Leone's Leone, Tarantino's Tarantino and Miike's Miike, and throwing the three of them together in a frying pan doesn't necessarily make the perfect Sukiyaki. The over-the-top acting in English with outrageous Japanese accents and English subtitles wears thin pretty quick. And the film is overlong, disjointed and really much ado about nothing. Yes, it's pretty, and the stylized opening with Tarantino, and the arrow-through-the-hole-in-the-abdomen shot are pretty great, but that wasn't enough for me. I'd hardly compare this film to Ran, The Seven Samurai, or any of Kurosawa's other samurai films, never mind Citizen Kane and Breathless!
Comment By Bob At 13/09/2021 12:58 PM
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