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Day Ten

Ah, day 10 of the Festival. That day where you fill every possible second of your day by rushing movies you wouldn't consider seeing otherwise.

Case in point: I'm typing this from the cheap seats at the AMC where I am about to watch Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms. The fact that I'm here without a four-year-old in tow (like everyone else apparently) is a testament to...Well, I'm not really sure what it says about me at this point, except perhaps that it's indicative of a desire to see, on film, the disco-dancing earthworms that I've been hallucinating due to lack of sleep.

Yes folks, it's been an exhausting festival. I'm nowhere close to my fellow blogger Sanjay's record of 50-something movies this week, but I think it may be time to let you in on a secret: Sanjay is a cyborg. I've spent hours in rush lines for Synecdoche, New York and Slumdog Millionaire, I jumped out of my seat and popped for Randy “The Ram” in The Wrestler, I admittedly slept through a good bit of Plastic City, and most importantly, I rode the Red Bull like it was the Calgary Stampede and attended almost every Midnight Madness screening on offer – throwing beachballs, corralling zombies and the Japanese media, and being completely and utterly disturbed by Martyrs.

Does this sound like a cry for help from a desperate film junkie yet? Well maybe it is but for most of us, Monday means that we go back to work or school, leaving behind this week of pure escapsim for the real world. To everyone involved with the Festival, from the programmers to the filmmakers to the wonderful staff to the horde of my fellow volunteers, I thank you, and I'll see you all next year.