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JCVD Intros & Q&As;

Colin & JCVD Direct Mabrouk El Mechri Preparing to Kick Butt!

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JCVD? How can I explain it? I’ll take ya’ frame by frame it. We’ll have y’all jumpin’, shoutin’ sayin’ it. J is for Jean C is Claude scratch your temple… The VD well that’s not that simple Check it… Read to the tune of OPP by Naughty by Nature. Gotta have a iconic 90s tune to lead off a post about a 90s iconic action star.


This was the easily the best Midnight Madness flick that has screened at the festival so far this year. It helps that it has so far been the onlyh one that has screened, but hey that's the way it goes.


Of the various Midnight Madness types of fans out there (Gore Hounds, Anime Fans, Adrenaline Junkies, Etc.) I happen to be a hardcore chop socky action fan. With all the younger, stronger, faster, butt kickers out there I was surprised JCVD got one of the coveted madness action film slots.


But like Arnold in T3, Willis in Die Hard 4, and Stallone in Rocky 6 one of the staples of 90s action cinema showed that age can’t slow down the aged masters. In the first 10 minutes JCVD mowed through stuntmen half his age, it truly was a site to behold and the sold out crowd loved every minute of it. The biggest shocker was a poignant monologue by JC in the last 20 minutes that covers everything from his struggle to make it Hollywood through his battles with drugs. This is one flick you gotta see to believe.


Also hanging out at the screening last night were directors Toshio Lee, JT Petty, & Marcel Sarmiento (directors of Detroit Metal City, The Burrowers, & Deadgirl respectively). Only at the madness folks, only at the madness! Just in case you missed it (shame on you!) here’s video of the intro & Q&A.



I'm throwing up a few pics from last night, both my own crappy ones and Ian Goring's excellent ones, on the Facebook group. Check 'em out!

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