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Detroit Metal City Intro & Q&A;


MM Scorecard:

Screenings Attended: 7/47

Screenings Missed: 0

Average Hours Slept Per Night: 4


This 4 hours of sleep a night is killing me. Like Danny Glover always said “I’m getting’ to old for this!” BTW, did I mention my birthday was September 10th? Caffeine pills would be greatly appreciated.


Big shoutout to Karen Shute for the awesome red carpet pics posted in the Facebook Midnight Madness Group.  Wait, you aren't a member?!!? Don't make me send Johannes Krauser II after you!


Detroit Metal City had it’s international premiere last night and a select few fans got the opportunity to hang with the director and his entourage on the Red Carpet and sit in the coveted reserved section with the entourage. Let’s see that happen at the Elgin or Roy Thompson! After the reception Ken'ichi Matsuyama & Toshio Lee got it’s no surprise why cast and crew make the 10+ hour journey from Japan to greet their fans across the pond. Midnight Madness fans are an eclectic bunch, but it’s safe to say that Madness fans of Asian cinema are the loudest & most dedicated group in the bunch.


As a former 7 year resident of the Detroit area I was glad to see our city so well represented… If at least only in the title, Detroit needs whatever good press it can get. Check out the Intro & Q&A below to learn fascinating things about Takeshi Kitano’s Puppet Master & what working with Rock Legend Gene Simmons was like. Catch y’all later…



This was such a fun movie, I can see why it has kicked ass in the Japanese box-office since it was released on August 23, 2008.

I hope it gets a north american release and takes its rightful place alongside shows like Metalocolypse and other KISS inspired movies like Detroit Rock City<i> (1999), as well as classic cult films like <i>This is Spinal Tap and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Comment By DaveBOTN At 07/09/2021 5:36 PM
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