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Last night was a total party for anyone that loves B-movies. Not Quite Hollywood introduced and re-introduced the slavering Midnight Madness audience to some of the most ostentatious films in the Australian industry's history.

For me, it was wonderful meeting all of the directors last night - especially  Brian Trenchard-Smith, who I found out directed my third-favourite Leprechaun movie, Leprechaun 4: In Space!! I have met a couple of personalities in my time volunteering at TIFF, but I don't think I've ever been so starstruck.  This is the man who read a script about a FREAKING LEPRECHAUN IN FREAKING SPACE and said to himself 'hi-yo! There's the project for me!'  (it should be noted that he also made Leprechaun 3 in which our Irish friend inexplicably finds himself in Vegas) Going through his resume on imdb, I also discovered that Trenchard-Smith apparently, made a movie about 9/11 starring George Takei!! How awesome is that?!

Check out some more of our intrepid photographer Ian Goring's pics, right from the red carpet and the Q&A!

Hey, the poor guy just neeeds his gold!

Sadly I couldn't find any really great fan videos of the Leprechaun, but I think he's earned his place amongst these bastards:


Somebody needs to bring Aniston back for a Leprechaun reboot!
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