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We've hit the local news, and not just for that unfortunate corpse incident of which we are not allowed to speak. Thanks to Suzanne Ellis and Brian McKechnie for making it out to this year's Madness!

Check out the article here.

Chocolate proved to be as promised, a really powerful end to the Midnight Madness series for this year! An Autistic Asskicker! I loved it! A little female empowerment never hurt anyone, and along with Sexykiller, managed to balance off the scales for my feminist psyche and also my friend Paulette who leaned to me and said, this makes up for 'Martyrs and Deadgirl' I thought that both were wonderful, very well made and really high on the 'ick' factor, lots of gore and grossouts, but a tribute to misogyny, uh yeah. Difficult to get out of that one. There is something about a seemingly 'helpless' woman kicking the living crap out of the bad guys that is particularly appealing to those of us in the so-called 'weaker' sex. Chocolate had that from the get-go. Deadgirl had the memorable scene where the generously curvy woman at the gas station beats JT and his dumber buddy after they blast her in the head.
Comment By Tracey Meyer At 14/09/2021 5:22 AM
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