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The Burrowers Intro & Q&A;

Karl Geary, JT Petty, Colin, & Clancy Brown keeping the streets free of any Burrowers


MM Scorecard:

Screenings Attended: 27/47

Screenings Missed: 0

Average Hours Slept Per Night: 4.1


Apparently JT Petty wasn’t done creeping me out in 2006 with S&MAN. This year he came back, along with Clancy Brown and Karl Geary, to freak me out with ants. Yeah, that’s right, he scared me with ants.


Normally, ants don’t bother me… much. Of course normally I sleep more than 4 hours a night. So when JT Petty kills off a bunch of old west settlers then shock cuts to a bunch of normal looking ants just crawling around… It creeps me out.


These aren’t just your standard Hollywood offscreen monster kills either. These are blood spurting, limb ripping, midnight madness cheer inducing super kills by monsters Todd McFarlane needs to turn into a figure I can buy and then have my wife throw in our attic with the rest of my Movie Maniac figures (thanks sweetie :P ) While this was a great midnight flick, if your squeamish it sounds like Colin was looking out for you cuz he scheduled a second screening of it at 3:30 pm, believe me, you’ll be glad to see the daylight.


Here’s the intro & Q&A and we’ll see you tomorrow for a little film called Martyrs. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?



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