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The main character of my movie has never seen it. He’s the legendary Doc Paskowitz and he’s been refusing all along. But last night he flew into Toronto and, if he can bear it, he’s going to see the movie tonight at the world premiere. It might be hard for him to get up and walk out of the theater before it’s over, because he’ll be flanked by his nine grown kids (many of them are big and strong), his wife Juliette (she’s...


Paskowitz Invasion!
On the making of Surfwise: Damn! It’s too late to change the title of my film, isn’t it? The masters are done, the graphics are in, the Festival catalog is printed. The date for my first-ever world premiere at Toronto is set and locked. 9/11… But looking over the list of profound and political doc titles that are premiering at TIFF—they all look so incredibly powerful— I kind of feel like a little bag of Cheetos sitting in the organic produce aisle at Whole...


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