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Last Minute Finishes
The Globe and Mail reporter Jennie Punter writes today about the final bits of post-production happening in the 11th hour for TIFF films. She focuses on three titles including the documentaries EMPz 4 Life and Manufactured Landscapes (left).

Here's an excerpt:

For her documentary Manufactured Landscapes, which follows acclaimed Canadian artist Ed Burtynsky as he captures large-scale photographs of China's industrial revolution, Baichwal says the sound mix is a crucial step in creating the shape of vast spaces, like the Three Gorges Dam, for viewers. "We're experimenting to the last...


Another Fragment from Iraq
When I came back to Iraq shortly after the US invasion in 2003, I was looking for personal stories to document that would also show parts of the bigger picture of what was happening in Iraq under US occupation. I filmed six different stories, of which three wound up in my feature documentary, Iraq in Fragments. The short film Sari's Mother (right) is one of the stories that was left out of the larger documentary, but I always felt it was one of the most compelling things...


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