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The race begins!
As TIFF begins today, the race to see as many provocative and varied films also begins.

The line up at this year's Reel To Reel program promises to be varied, challenging, and educational. One of the major focus in this year's documentary line up is that of the social and political atmosphere in several countries around the globe.

It will be interesting to see how the films such as Darfur Now, (Don Cheadle; one of the major activists in the area pictured here)Rebellion: the Litvinenko Case, Very Young Girls and Iron Ladies of Liberia are received.  These documentaries deal with murder and rape in an African nation, the killing of a former KGB agent, child prostitution and women in politics, respectively.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to cover these along with several other films.

Let us not forget that Doc Talks are now open to the public and the list is impressive, to say the least.   BIOGRAPHY: Complicated Lives is one of four.

Whatever films you choose, your experience will be unlike anyone else's.  We look forward to your comments about the documentaries we report on, as well as others you may get to see.

See you in the line ups!

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