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Last Minute Finishes
The Globe and Mail reporter Jennie Punter writes today about the final bits of post-production happening in the 11th hour for TIFF films. She focuses on three titles including the documentaries EMPz 4 Life and Manufactured Landscapes (left).

Here's an excerpt:

For her documentary Manufactured Landscapes, which follows acclaimed Canadian artist Ed Burtynsky as he captures large-scale photographs of China's industrial revolution, Baichwal says the sound mix is a crucial step in creating the shape of vast spaces, like the Three Gorges Dam, for viewers. "We're experimenting to the last minute, whether to foreground or background a music cue or a sound -- when those things don't work, they can really take the viewer out of a film," she explained last Tuesday, the last day of the mix. (Baichwal knitted a pink sweater for her daughter during the sessions -- a great way to maintain focus, she said, when others are tinkering with technology.)
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