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Why Democracy

The last installment in the Doc Talk series was Why Democracy; where Thom Powers discussed the making of this collection of films with Nick Fraser from the BBC and another commissioning editor in the program. 

The collection is titled Why Democracy because it deals with films from around the world on the topic of democracy, what it is and how does it affect societies which are just instituting a democracy.  There are ten films; three of them were shown at this year's festival: Iron Ladies of Liberia, Dinner with the President: A Nation's Journey and Please Vote for Me.  All films were made by filmmakers native to the country they were filming in; thus, providing an honest portrayal of the issues at hand.

The audience saw clips from nine of the films; the countries of origin include China, Japan, Egypt, Russia, Afghanistan, Denmark among others.  The commissioning editors' were in discussion with several public broadcasters in order to distribute these films.  Forty-two broadcasters have agreed to show these documentaries.  Luckily, audiences in Canada will get a chance to see these films the week of October 8th on CBC Newsworld.

Mr. Fraser stated that "there is an explosion of documentary film making aourn the world."  All documentarians have their individual style, which provides a different point of view.  The idea of democracy is increasing throughout the world; the time is ripe to show these films.  In order to get involved in this discussion, people can also look up the website:  .  There one can read about the films and more about the purpose of this project.

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