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Play on Playa'

Jessica Yu's first narrative feature Ping Pong Playa' showed today at the Varsity theatre.  The film depicts the story a young Chinese-American man, "C-dub" as he is known to his friends, who has yet to find a path in life.  He is eventually asked to represent his family at a major ping pong tournament because his brother, the present champion, is injured. The time comes for C-dub to grow up and take control.  The film is funny, moving and an honest portrayal of a young man looking for direction while growing up in a Chinese family.

The screenplay was written by Jessica Yu and Jimmy Tsai (shown here with film producers), who plays C-dub in the film.  This is Tsai's first acting job; as Yu shared with the audience after the screening, Tsai is an accountant.  Never did he dream that he'd be playing the lead role in his first screenplay.  Yu is well known for her documentary background.  In this first feature, she continues to make her audience laugh at all the right places.  Yu mentioned that making the transition from documentary to narrative film was not too difficult.  She enjoyed the collaborative process, which is slightly different from documentary.

You can still see this film and share a few laughs. It screens again on Tuesday, Sept 11th and Saturday, Sept 15th. 

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