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Doc Corner: Exchange of Ideas

The Reel to Reel program has set up a meeting place, Doc Corner, for documentary filmmakers to meet with distributors and others in the industry to discuss upcoming projects, pitch ideas and simply make connections.

Doc Corner took place over three days.  There were representatives from various film companies like ThinkFilm, Sony Pictures Classic and Cinetic.  The meetings were set up for 10 minutes for each individual.  I spoke with a young filmmaker and she told me how great these meetings were.  She said it gave her a chance to discuss her ideas with someone who is receptive and would provide feedback.   Someone else liked how it included different people; not "the usual suspects" one may encounter at such meetings. 

Meetings like Doc Corner provide new documentarians with an opportunity to showcase their talent.  Some of these filmmakers may soon be at a TIFF screening near you.

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