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Kurt Cobain Speaks Out at TIFF

One of the most anticipated films of this years festival, Kurt Cobain  About a Son, made it's worldwide premiere tonight, and did not disappoint delivering a rock-umentary unlike any other. The film is based on a series of audio interviews conducted by journalist Michael Azerrad (right), allowing the voice of Kurt to speak for himself . Young director, AJ Schnack (center) made his way to the microphone to introduce a project that he said means so much to him, and it showed as Schnack could barely get his thank yous out as he got choked up in front of the packed house at the Cumberland theatre.

Cobain's impact on our culture could be felt in the line-up outside, as fans waited for hours in the rush line hoping to see the film. Inside the theatre, the presence of Azerrad and photography legend Charles Peterson (left) echoed their tremendous support for the project, as did the contributions to the amazing soundtrack by Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) and Steve Fisk, also present. Azerrad, seeing the film for the first time tonight, said that one thing this film does do for him is give him a sense of closure.

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