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Click these links quick because they may turn into pay per views in the next couple weeks. Early previews of the Festival are starting to begin. Time magazine's dedicated cineaste Richard Corliss offers up his top ten titles to watch out for, including the doc Body of War. Roger Ebert jokes that he feels paralyzed looking at the new TIFF catalogue - the biggest ever - and all its offerings. The Toronto Star publishes its annual survey by Peter Howell of film insiders picking the most "buzz-worthy" films including the docs The Dictator Hunter, Encounters at the End of the World, Iron Ladies of Liberia, A Jihad for Love, Joy Division, Lou Reed's Berlin, Man From Plains, My Winnipeg, Terror's Advocate, and Useless.

Meanwhile, in The Globe and Mail, Simon Houpt writes about the Festival's extensive programming staff (pictured). Every year our team puts their feet on every continent to discover new work. No other festival in the world equals that outreach. For me to represent that group from my base in New York City is an honor. And during my summers in Toronto, an honour.

Photo: (Philip Cheung/For The Globe and Mail)
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