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Celebrating Office Tigers
Producer Lawrence Elman and director Liz Mermin celebrate the world premiere of their film Office Tigers at a party for the film on Saturday night, held at the Tribute Lounge at the Century Room. For the film's second screening on Monday, the audience sang "Happy Birthday" to Mermin.

Yesterday, Lorrie Goldstein of the Toronto Sun praised Office Tigers in a warm review, excerpted here:

Employees working for big corporations everywhere will identify with Office Tigers harried staff as they cope with long hours, demanding bosses, early deadlines, constant retraining, jargon-filled motivational speeches and awkward award presentations to bolster morale. They can be forgiven for wondering if globalization isn't in fact forcing all of them into a race to the bottom when it comes to their quality of life.

While Mermin is clearly warning us about globalization's tendency to grind down workers and homogenize cultures, her approach is subtle. She doesn't use, or need, a sledgehammer.

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