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Sexykiller Intro & Q&A;

Careful Colin, Macarena Gomez is a SexyKILLER!!!


MM Scorecard:

Screenings Attended: 38/47

Screenings Missed: 4

Average Hours Slept Per Night: 5


You know one of the things that makes a movie like Sexykiller cool? The title speaks for itself. Thankfully, most of the midnights have been that way this year. JCVD is about JCVD. Deadgirl? You got it: a dead girl. Martyrs? Shudder… Must stop thinking about Martyrs… And Sexykiller… Yup, a Sexy Killer! The only improvement could’ve been calling it REALLY Sexykiller. Miguel, if you make a sequel feel free to use that.


Now try that logic at some of the other festival films. The Secret Life of Bees? Oddly enough had very little to do with bees. I’m sure it's great, but from the description, it has very little info about beekeeping. You’ve been warned.


Anyway, there was one rather large problem with Sexykiller (which will only affect you if you speak Spanish). About every 7-8 minutes the crowd breaks into spontaneous applause for some sexy kills. Normally you only see this kind of activity with a madness crowd and it didn’t bother me too much cuz I was reading subtitles anyway.  But if you’re trying to listen to the dialogue it might be a problem.


Unfortunately gang, this is my last intro and Q&A post for awhile as I’m on a plane heading back to the real world immediately after Chocolate. I’ll try to get some stuff up once I recover from the cold I always get after TIFF and fully kick my post-fest blues. It’s been fun gang!



Thanks, Sanjay for mentioning Beekeeping.
Comment By Richard Marshall At 13/09/2021 6:27 PM
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