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Here's the latest statement from the D-Word Community about the situation of American filmmaker Andrew Berends that we blogged about previously:

We are now in the fifth day of Andrew Berends' detainment in Port Harcourt, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Andrew's friends, family and colleagues are outraged about his situation and find it incomprehensible that more has not been done to secure his release.

The U.S. State Department has been aware of Andrew's detainment since day one. Yet he still has not been visited by a State Department official. We believe it is beyond acceptable protocol for an American citizen to be held illegally without an agent of the American government visiting him to ascertain his safety and the conditions of his custody and to make it crystal clear that the U.S. government is advocating in no uncertain terms for his release.

It does not appear that the State Department has done enough to be in constant communication with the Nigerian Government to apply pressure or even get accurate information about Andrew's status and well-being. If what they are doing is more than minimal, that has not been made clear to us, Andrew's advocates. Nor has it been getting any apparent results. Too many days have passed with no shift in Andrew's circumstances and no coordinated or decisive action on the part of the State Department to shift things.

Andrew entered the country legally as a filmmaker and journalist. He was filming in a public place in a country that claims to be a democracy when he was arrested. He was not filming oil facilities or the military, which are the only two subjects the Nigerian government has deemed to be sensitive. We have been told that on the day he was detained, Andrew even asked and was granted permission by a military official prior to filming.

Andrew reported to us that during the first 36 hours of his detainment, he was interrogated nonstop with no sleep. He was denied food and given barely any water. He does not have the benefit of legal representation inside the SSS facility and has been forced repeatedly to make coerced statements.

This is the fourth incident of American journalists being held in Nigeria within the past two years. It is now a pattern. It is evident that there has been no legitimate reason for the treatment these American citizens have endured. Rather, these incidents are intended to suppress journalism. They are a blatant attempt by the Nigerian government to cover up the evidence of years of human rights and environmental abuses and discourage others from coming to expose the poverty, injustice and corruption rampant in the region. We call on the U.S. government to speak out against this.

We urge our Congressional representatives to let the State Department know that the legislative branch they serve and answer to will not stand by and let more hours of inaction pass. In a country like Nigeria and a region like the Niger Delta, things can change in an instant. It is dangerous to assume that Andrew is OK and give in to the platitude that 'these things take time'. This situation must be elevated to the highest level of urgency. We must press strongly and continuously for Andrew's immediate release and safe escort out of the country.

Because journalists working in foreign countries often depend on local assistants and translators to do their work, make themselves understood, and keep safe, we are particularly distressed that Samuel George, the Nigerian national who works as a translator with Andrew Berends, was also detained by the Nigerian Military. We have had no word of his condition since his arrest, and we are deeply concerned that Samuel may be experiencing harsh treatment at the hands of the Nigerian government. It is imperative that Samuel George also be released immediately, and that there be no further intimidation and harassment of media workers by the Nigerian government.

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help, go to the Free Andy Berends topic on The D-Word:

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Andy has been provisionally released today.
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