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The Festival showcases more than 300 films from across the globe, with a diverse selection of titles for you to explore. Festival programming is divided into programmes to help guide your choices.

  Canada First!
These are films from first-time Canadian directors.

  Canadian Open Vault
Special presentations of recently restored, iconic, Canadian films.

  City to City
This is an exploration of the urban experience through film. Each year we spotlight a city .

Contemporary World Cinema  Contemporary World Cinema
These are the best films from every corner of the earth: Australia, Romania, Brazil and all the places in between.

Discovery  Discovery
A showcase for innovative new filmmakers.

Future Projections  Future Projections
Cinema meets the visual arts with moving-image projects throughout the city of Toronto.

  Galas Presentations
These films are all premiere, red carpet events at Roy Thomson Hall. Galas are guaranteed to feature an address by the director and cast members before the film.

Masters  Masters
Films made by the most influential directors living today.

Mavericks  Mavericks
These are unforgettable dialogues with some of the most compelling figures of working in cinema today. Learn about their latest projects ant the impact of their life’s work in an intimate setting.

  Midnight Madness
These weird and wonderful films from misfit directors are for those audiences who appreciate the wild side of cinema; featuring thrillers, chillers and outlandish capers to drive you into frenzy.

  Real to Reel
Candid and unscripted; these are the best documentaries of the year. Exploring hot topics that affect us all or providing intimate access into dramatic lives, these are some of the most insightful and fascinating films because they are true stories.

  Short Cuts Canada
These can be short documentary, animated or narrative films from emerging and established filmmakers across Canada.

  Special Presentations
These are crowd pleasing films made by some of the most sought after directors working today. Director’s are often in attendance too!

Sprockets Family Zone  Sprockets Family Zone
These films tell entertaining, affecting and invigorating stories that provide a vivid cultural experience for children and adults alike.

  TIFF For Free
A series of free public film screenings showcasing programming gems from Festivals past.

Vanguard  Vanguard
These films defy convention; twisting genres, styles and narrative structures to tell fresh and provocative stories.

These are poetic films that take a radical and innovative approach to filmmaking and the art of storytelling.

Film is art. Experience vibrant and aesthetically stunning works from the world’s leading and emerging film and video artists.

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