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Step by Step Ticketing

My Choice package -TIFF Choice package - Single Tickets à la Carte

My Choice package

There are two major phases: buy the package (in July/August) and select your films (at the end of August, when films are confirmed).

Key Steps

  1. Buy the package, starting July 5 (Visa cardholders) or July 12 (cash, debit or visa payments)
    • If you buy in person, vouchers will be given to you
    • If you buy online or by phone:
      • If you purchase before August 6, vouchers will be mailed to you
      • If you purchase after August 6, or you are a student or senior, pick up your vouchers at the Festival Box Office beginning August 24 or at 2 Carlton before August 24. You will have to show ID.
  2. Pick up the Advance Order Book at Festival Box Office beginning on August 24
  3. Purchase a Programme Book or access the film list online to learn about films in this year's Festival. Programme Books are available for pickup as of August 24
  4. Make your first and second film choices in the Advance Order Book
  5. Drop off a completed Advance Order Book at Festival Box Office by 1pm on August 30.
  6. Each enveloped is placed in a numbered box as it is received.  A random number is drawn. Processing of the packages begins with the box with that number and are fulfilled in numerical order
  7. You will be emailed a list of your confirmed films before September 2
  8. Pick up your tickets at Festival Box Office beginning September 2. If you want to exchange selections, you can do so beginning that day at Festival Box Office and up until 7pm the evening before the screening you are exchanging.

Key Dates

  • July 5: Packages go on sale (Visa cardholders only) 
  • July 12: Packages go on sale (cash & debit cards) 
  • August 2 TIFF Box Office closed
  • August 18: Film list available online
  • August 24: Film schedule available online 
  • August 24: Program Book available for pick up 
  • August 24: Advance Order book available 
  • August 30: before 1pm Drop off advance Order Book (film selection) 
  • August 30: at 1pm Draw day 
  • Ticket Pick Up begins:September 2
  • Ticket Exchange begins:September 2

**Note: You can opt-in to the Film Selection Courier Service before August 20 and we’ll mail you your Advance Order Book with a pre-paid enveloped to ship back to us. Envelope needs to be returned Fedex by August 27, 5pm local time**

**Note:  Get more information about becoming a donor and received advance purchasing window, and priority package fulfillment.

TIFF Choice package (in advance)

Key Steps

  1. Purchase your packages (in person at 2 Carlton, by phone, or online)
  2. You will be emailed the dates/times of the screenings of your package before September 2
  3. Pick up your tickets anytime beginning September 2 at Festival Box Office or Venue Box Office the day of the first screening

Key Dates

  • Packages go on sale (Visa cardholders only) July 5
  • Packages go on sale (cash or debit) July 12
  • Ticket pick up begins September 2

Single Tickets à la Carte

Key Steps

  1. Purchase anytime between September 3 and the day of screening at the Festival Box Office, by phone or online
    • If online, use features 'My Film List' and shopping cart to assist you with film selection and check-out process
  2. Pick up at Festival Box Office or Venue Box Office

*If film is off sale:

  • Additional tickets may become available at 7am day of screening – go to Festival/Venue Box Office or order online
  • Sometimes there are unused seats because not all ticketholders show up. These are made available to the Rush Line at the Venue Box Office (10 minutes before the screening)

**Note:  Get information about becoming a member and received advance purchasing window.

Key Dates

  • Single Tickets on Sale September 3
  • Pick up tickets begins September 3

A credit card is required if you are purchasing tickets online or by phone.

Visa is the only credit card accepted by the Toronto International Film Festival. If you are purchasing online or by phone, you must use a Visa card. If you are purchasing in person at Festival box office or the year-round TIFF box office at 2 Carlton, you can also pay with a debit card or cash.