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Sprockets Family Zone

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Sprockets Family Zone

These films tell entertaining, affecting and invigorating stories that provide a vivid cultural experience for children and adults alike.

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Karla and Jonas

Charlotte Sachs Bostrup


Join thirteen-year-olds Karla and Jonas as they search for Jonas's birth mother in this intelligent and well acted coming of age story based on the book series by Renée Toft Simonsen.

Little Sister

Richard Bowen

China, USA

Based on one of the earliest versions of the beloved story of Cinderella comes a beautifully crafted film filled with wonder and magic that reveals the Chinese origins of this widely known fairy tale.

Make Believe

J. Clay Tweel


Join a group of dedicated teen magicians as they amaze audiences by performing seemingly impossible feats while they pursue their dream of becoming the Teen World Champion Magician.

Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage

Ben Stassen


Join Sammy the sea turtle on a fun and exciting 50 year journey through the oceans in this wonderfully crafted 3D animation that combines entertainment with an environmental message.


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