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Films & Schedules

Using mySchedule

mySchedule is a tool that allows users to save a list of film screenings, events times, or activities times.

mySchedule is only available for community members of TIFF. It is easy to set up an account if you already don't have one, visit How to Register with TIFF to learn more about setting up an account.

  1. Login to your Profile
  2. Registering with TIFF
  3. Viewing mySchedule
  4. Adding to mySchedule
  5. Schedule Conflicts
  6. Removing from myTIFFlist

Login to your Profile

Before you can add items to myTIFFList, you must first connect to your profile. myTIFFList is stored as part of your user profile. If you don't already have an account, you can easily set one up by registering with TIFF. To learn more about registering, visit Registering with TIFF

The login / register facility for TIFF is located in the footer at the bottom of the page. Press the login / profile to bring up the login screen.


Your account is based on your email address that you used to set-up your account. Once you have provided your credentials, please the "log on" button, and you will be logged into the system. If you have forgotten your password, there is a password reminder faciilty to help you retrieve that information, for more details, visit password recovery.


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Registering with TIFF

Registration an account with TIFF allows you to access a number of facilities provided by the organization. To build your profile, first press the "register now" button, this will display the profile creation screen."

Enter a valid email address, password, and security code, and press the "Register Now" button. This will establish an account with TIFF. If the email address is already registered with TIFF, a message will be displayed indicating an error.


Registering will automatically log you into the TIFF environment. Now you are ready to use myTIFFList


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Viewing mySchedule

After you have logged in, you can view mySchedule by pressing the mySchedule link located in the footer. If you haven't added anything to your list, the screen will display a default message.


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Adding to mySchedule

You can add items to mySchedule in a number of ways:

  1. Festival 2010
  2. TIFF Bell Lightbox Films and Events - Starting September 12:

Adding from Schedule
Once you have located the film or event screening time that you want to keep in your favourites, press the "Add to Schedule" button and the item will be added to your mySchedule.

A popup message will be displayed if the operation has added this successfully.



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As you are adding screening and event times to mySchedule, there may be occassion that you add screenings that overlap: one film is not finished before the other begins.

In mySchedule, these screening / event times are indicated both in the list and also in the calendar pane on the right-hand side.

The indicator is only there as a warning that there is a potential conflict. You are still able to move these to your shopping cart for purchase. If it is indeed a conflict, simply remove on of the screening / event times from your list.


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Removing from mySchedule

To remove any item from mySchedule, press the "remove from list" button associated with each item that you have in your list.

A confirmation message will be displayed to make sure that you intended to preform this operation. Indicate "Yes" to continue and "No" to cancel the operation.

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