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  1. How do I buy tickets?
  2. Advanced Order Procedure
  3. Payment
  4. Other Festival
  5. Definitions

How do I buy tickets?

Do all your films sell out?

Only 30% of our screenings sell out so there are many single tickets available beginning Sept 3. For films that are offsale:

  • Additional tickets may become available at 7am day of screening
  • purchase online, by phone or go to the Festival Box Office
  • Sometimes there are unused seats because not all ticketholders show up. We make these available to people in the Rush Line at the Venue Box Office (generally 10 min before the screening)

Do I have to line up to buy tickets?

Lineups outside theatres are usually ticketholders waiting to get into the theaters. Because there is no assigned seating, people may choose to line up early to get preferred seat selection.

There will be lineups at Festival Box Office the day tickets go on sale (Sept 3), but you can purchase online or by phone to avoid standing .

What if I want to see films with a friend?

If you want a 15/25/30/50 "My Choice" pack, you would each need to purchase a package as there is a limit for 1 screening per ticket for these products. But if you submit your advance order book together, we’ll do our best to process them together to ensure you get the same films. If you want a ‘TIFF Choice’ pack, you’ll each need to purchase one, but make sure to purchase them together to ensure you're given identical ticket sets. Or you can purchase a 10-pack and share (max 4 tickets per screening).

I have children – what screenings can they attend? What do their tickets cost?

Most of the films screening at the Festival have been rated by the Ontario Film Review Board. These ratings will be indicated in our Official Film Schedule, available August 24. The Festival’s Sprockets Family Zone series is designed for our young film fans, with family-rated screenings and specially-priced children’s tickets (age 12 and under) available for $12.83

What time should I arrive at the venue to pick up my tickets and get a seat?

We encourage you to pick up your orders at least one hour before the start of the screening to avoid long lines at the box office and so you have a better choice of seats in the theatre. Please note that admission is only guaranteed until 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the screening. Latecomers are admitted strictly at the discretion of staff at the venue. There is no admission 10 minutes after the start of the screening.

Can someone else pick up my vouchers or tickets or can I pick them up if I purchased them using someone else’s credit card?

Yes. The cardholder needs to do the following:

  1. Contact our Box Office at 416-968-FILM / 1-877-968-FILM, or [email protected] to tell us that someone else will be picking up the tickets.
  2. Make a photocopy of:
    • the credit card used and
    • the photo ID of the cardholder
  3. Write a note saying someone else is entitled to pick up the tickets including:
    • cardholder's first and last name,
    • confirmation number
    • name/date of the event
    • credit card number
    • the full name of the person picking up the tickets
    • signature of the cardholder
  4. The person picking up the tickets needs to present the note and photocopy at the Box Office when picking up tickets.

Advanced Order Procedure

Why do I have to wait between purchasing my package and selecting my films?

The confirmed film list and schedule is not available until the end of August, at which point we use the Advance Order Procedure to fulfill pre-purchased My Choice packages.

How do you ensure fairness through Advance Order Procedure ?

We go to great lengths to ensure a democratic process to fulfill film requests. On August 30 at 1 pm we will run a random draw protocol where boxes are filled, numbered and placed in a carousel. ie. if there are 45 boxes, and number 15 is drawn, we start processing at Box 15, up to Box 45, then start at 1 through 14. Boxes are drawn in full public view. The only exception to this process is for donors who are eligible for advanced ticket privileges. It's important to indicate second choices in the Advanced Order Book to ensure you get your preferred film.

What if I’m not able to come in person to take part in the Advance Order Procedure?

We have a courier service available:

  • Film Selection Courier Service: For the ‘My Choice’ packages, we can mail you the Advance Order book, which includes an envelope for you to courier back to us (also includes Programme Book & Official Film Schedule). You need to opt in before August 20. You will receive a package via Fedex on August 24 and you have until August 27 at 5pm to get your package to Fedex.

What if I don’t participate in the Advance Order Procedure?

You can still redeem your vouchers, but you'll need to do it after Single Tickets go on sale September 3 at the Festival Box Office. Get details on the Advance Order Procedure.

Why do donors have special privileges (packages fulfilled first)?

The Toronto International Film Festival is a non-profit organization which looks for funding from various sources to be able to continue to bring our programming to a diverse variety of audiences. As such, we provide an incentive of advance order fulfillment to encourage donations from those who believe in our mission. Find out more about becoming a TIFF Member to receive advance ticket privileges.


How can I pay for my tickets?

Festival Box Office will accept Visa, Debit, or Cash, while Venue Box Offices accept Visa or Cash only.

What is your refund and exchange policy?

All sales are final, there are no refunds and no same day ticket exchanges. Some exchanges are permitted as follows:

  • ‘My Choice Packages: you can exchange tickets up to 7pm the day before the screening
  • Single Tickets: you can exchange tickets up to 7pm the day before the screening for a $2.50 fee per ticket
  • There are no exchanges on films within the 'TIFF Choice packages.

What fees are added to my ticket price?

Your order will include a building fund fee which has been in place for seven years and supports the development of the TIFF Bell Lightbox building and programming. There is also an order fee which is added to each transaction based on purchase method. Fees are as follows:
Building Fee:


Per unit cost Building Fund Fee
$0.01 - $50.00 $0.25
$50.01 - $100.00 $1.00
$100.01 - $250.00 $2.50
$250.01 - $500.00 $5.00
$500.01 - $1000.00 $10.00
Order Fee:
Advanced in person $2.25
Phone $3.75
Online $5.00
Day of screening at venue  

Other Festival

What changes have you made this year?

  • Extra Day: We have extended the Festival to 11 days, through Sunday September 19th
  • Premium Screening: We have refined our definition of a premium screening around the experience you will have. These are screenings that are World or North American premieres and offer a premium experience including a red carpet event.
  • Simplified and more descriptive package names:
    • Online Shopping cart feature : will allow you to check out directly from ‘my film list’ which will improve the single ticket process (order à la carte beginning September 3)
    • Canadian Package: let our Programmers choose a selection of 5 great new Canadian films for you – a great way to expose yourself to terrific Canadian talent. (see Ticket Options at at Glance)
    • Hotel Tourist Package: we've teamed up with some great partner hotels to bring you a great TIFF package (Link to Tourist page)
    • TIFF Bell Lightbox Voucher: To celebrate the opening of our spectacular new home, every 'TIFF Choice' package will include a voucher for a free screening at TIFF Bell Lightbox after the festival so you can check out our exciting year-round programming.

Where can I buy the Festival Programme book and other merchandise?

You can buy Programme Books and merchandise at Festival Box Office

How do I tell which screenings are Premium Screenings

Premium screenings are denoted in the Official Film Schedule with a row of yellow stars (***). They are also denoted with a star in the film listing on our website. Premium screenings are removed from the Advance Order Book as they are not available to My Choice Pack purchasers. Although Galas at Roy Thomson Hall are premium, repeat screenings of Gala Presentations at other venues are Regular screening and can be accessed by My Choice Pack buyers. If you have purchased a My Choice Pack, and would like to purchase a Premium screening, you can purchase single tickets starting on Sept 3


Premium Screening: These are screenings that are World or North American premieres and offer a premium experience including a red carpet event.

Advance Order Procedure: The process followed by Festival filmgoers who have purchased a 'My Choice' package in order to select their films. Once the schedule has been announced in late August filmgoers fill out an Advance Order Book and drop it off at Festival Box Office. .

Advance Order Book: Used by ‘My Choice’ package holders to make their film selections. Available for pick up at Festival Box Office as of August 24. Must be dropped off by August 30 at 1pm to be eligible for the advance order procedure.

Vouchers: When purchasing 'My Choice' packages, vouchers are given which are later exchanged for tickets when the film schedule has been finalized.

Off sale: As tickets are sold and returned, screenings may go on- or off sale. At 7pm the night before a screening, we settle the inventory and put any remaining tickets on sale at 7am on the day of the screening at the venue box office only.

Rush: Sometimes sold out screenings have empty seats because not all ticketholders show up. These tickets are made available to people in the Rush Line at the venue 10 minutes before the screening.

Programme Book: A TIFF-produced book with programmers' notes on each film. Available to pick up as of August 24 at the Festival box office.