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Tickets & Packages

What's New in 2010?

Extra Day
We have extended the Festival to 11 days, through Sunday September 19th.

Premium Screening
We have refined our definition of a premium screening around the experience you will have. These are screenings that are World or North American premieres and offer a premium experience including a red carpet event.

Simplified and more descriptive ticket package names.

Canadian Package
Let our Programmers choose a selection of 5 great new Canadian films for you – a great way to expose yourself to terrific Canadian talent.

TIFF For Free!
To celebrate our 35 years, we have a put together this special series showcasing our favourite films from past Festivals. Best of all, you can see all the films in this series for free!

TIFF Bell Lightbox Voucher
To celebrate the opening of our new home, every 'TIFF Choice' package will include a voucher for a free screening at TIFF Bell Lightbox after the Festival, a chance to experience a taste of our exciting year-round programming.

Online Tools
Ticket Decision Tool: narrow down the options by indicating your preferences
Step by Step guide: to walk you through your ticket purchase.