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These are poetic films that take a radical and innovative approach to filmmaking and the art of storytelling.

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The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu

Andrei Ujica


Culled from one thousand hours of archival footage and four years in the making, this spellbinding montage epic unfolds as if from the nostalgic, solipsistic memory of former Romanian ruler Nicolae Ceausescu, after his reign was ...

Brownian Movement

Nanouk Leopold

The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium

Acclaimed Dutch filmmaker Nanouk Leopold explores a young mother's desires and needs in the langorous and atmospheric The Brownian Movement.


Denis Côté


Set in a village in Quebec, Denis Côté’s Curling follows inveterate loner Jean-François, a single father, and his isolated 12-year-old daughter Julyvonne. Between his unremarkable jobs, Jean-François devotes an awkward energy to ...

The Ditch

Wang Bing

France, Belgium

A political ghost story that gives voice to atrocious memories, The Ditch draws from Wang Bing's experience as a documentary filmmaker and lays bare a dramatic hidden chapter of China's communist history. It recounts the harrowin...

The Four Times

Michelangelo Frammartino

Italy, Germany, Switzerland

Inspired by Pythagoras’s belief in four-fold transmigration – by which the soul is passed from human to animal to vegetable to mineral, until completely purified – The Four Times is a genre-defying work of cinematic transcendence...

k.364 A Journey by Train

Douglas Gordon

United Kingdom, Germany, France

Two musicians return to a haunted landscape and play the concerto of their lives.

Moscow 11:19:31

Michael Nyman

United Kingdom

Legendary composer Michael Nyman fails to answer an interview question. Music takes over.

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

Sophie Fiennes

United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands

Major contemporary artist Anselm Keifer profiled in the style of his work.

Promises Written in Water

Vincent Gallo


Shot in black-and-white, this fiercely independent film traces the steps a young photographer takes to fulfil the dying wishes of a beautiful young woman, including getting a job in a funeral parlour so he can oversee her cremati...

Summer of Goliath

Nicolás Pereda

Mexico, Canada, Netherlands

Toronto resident Nicolas Pereda explores the boundaries between fiction and documentary to evoke the atmosphere of the place in his latest feature, Summer of Goliath. It's a hot summer in the rural Mexican community of Huilotepec...

Trois temps après la mort d'Anna

Catherine Martin


After vibrant young violinist Anna dies, her mother Françoise leaves Montreal and takes refuge at the country home of her maternal ancestors in Kamouraska. She has given up on life, but an old friend labours to revive her desire...

A Useful Life

Federico Veiroj


Jorge has been working at the Cinematheque in Montevideo, Uruguay, for 25 years. Its imminent closing forces him to take drastic steps and become the star of his own life. Shot in black and white, A Useful Life is an entertaining...


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