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- 2008
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Supporting film that are the made by filmmakers from the heart is the best part of being a spectator. Short Cuts Canada: Programme One did not disappoint. You could tell that the people who had come to see these 7 shorts were there to support their fellow Canadians (all filmmakers right).

As we seated at 9:20pm the experience was already quite different than in the screenings for the other films I have seen. You could hear people calling out in excitement when they saw friends walk into AMC Yonge/Dundas theatre. There was a sense of connectivity between the filmakers and the audience, and that felt real good.

From the tenderness of Hungu, to the quick laughter of Next Floor and Cattle Call. Accompnied by the simple beauty of Us Chicken, Belonging and Bagdad Twist, to the creativity of The Earing. This was a great way to kick off the first of these five programmes. Support your Canadian talent and attend Short Cuts Canada.