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Beyond Gender, Into Desire
Canadian film enthusiast and contributing programmer of the Short Cuts Canada series, Kathleen Mullen, kicked off Programme 3 of the series by reminding us how important it is to support and encourage Canadian filmmakers. Mullen remarked that "there are usually multiple themes in series. Particularly tonight the theme is gender." My queer heart skips a beat.

The third installation of the Short Cuts Canada brought out an eclectic crowd (image right) of 20-40 year old movie buffs out in force and merited the same enthusiasm in number response as its predecessors.

The investigation of the search for personal happiness and relationship fulfillment were brought to life in all the featured shorts, through sparking a engaging conversation around independence, sex, sexuality, fetishes and desire. But it was not all just serious.

There was a balance reached (keeping me from falling off my chair) by infusing a great sense of humour and heart in Pat's First Kiss, Forty Men for the Yukon and Green Door. The journey also pubically transported the private minds of Bedroom, Midi, Passage and Sunday, for us to all witness something foreign in practice.

When I walked away from the theater I was immediately aware of how my mind was racing - I felt provoked, similar to the way I did in my sexual diversity courses at U of T.

These shorts dealt with the desire for changing a latent mental longing for something new and different, into a form of something that tangible - sex and escapism were used as an extended metaphor of testimonials.