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Drawing from the Pontypool
Pontypool, two hours North East of Toronto is infected by words. The movie was shot in May and June and completed just in time for TIFF '08. 

Set in the basement of a radio station, (part of the movie was actually shot in a Toronto church basement) it amplifies the strangeness of everyday words, an honest exploration of words and the human condition, how we view what is true and what is imagined.  At a time when Terrorporn and Celebutaunts are assaulting the senses on a daily basis, diving into Pontypool is a refreshing change.

Tonight Thursday September 4th (7-10p) legendary director Bruce McDonald and renowned artist John Coburn will celebrate the launch of  Pontypool "On Location: Drawings by John Coburn" at Milli, one of Yorkville's elite women's boutique. 

The drawings will be on display until the end of the festival on September 13th.

A huge part of John's success is predicated on collaboration.  Created outside the box, this artful collaboration happened over a cup of coffee.  Back in March John observed Bruce scribbling notes and chatting about his project.  

"A lot of wonderful surprises happen in a coffee shop" says John Coburn, as he beams with pride poring over todays (Thursday September 4th)  National Post (Avenue section) featuring one of his inspired drawings.