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Toronto the good needs a rude awakening.  Toronto Stories clearly illustrates that Toronto's promise is stuck in the past.  Toronto is no longer a hog town, it's a happening city. Everywhere you go something is happening. Toronto is a beautiful vibrant city. You would never know it talking to some of the people living here. 

I arrived at the AMC theatre with all kinds of presumptions and expectations only to be treated to a brilliant depiction of a Toronto that flips, twists and defies pre-conceived notions.

In a brief conversation with Co-producer David Weaver, he revealed that when he was throwing around ideas for the title of the film, some of his friends and associates told him not to use Toronto in the title.  Stories like that make this film provocative. David goes on to say "Toronto has been swept under the rug and hidden for far too long, it doesn't play a strong character in films."  How can anyone live in a city they're ashamed of?

Toronto Stories begins with a powerful and poetic introduction from Pearson International Airport, where many people who call Toronto home started their journey into the unknown avenues of a major metropolitan city.

The creators of Toronto Stories cleverly weave iconic elements of Toronto landmarks and locations into an action packed comedy adventure horror love story.  Using interesting camera angles, soft lighting and sharp eyes, four short and sassy vignettes take you on a strange and beautiful tour of the city. 

Sook-Yin Lee one of the talented actors featured in the film and a co-creators for Toronto Stories presented an inspired look at the complexities of dating and developing relationships in Toronto. Sook really captures the essence of what the single life in Toronto can be like with The Brazilian.  An extended version of a awkward conversation. It's a personal story for her, (Sook even used her home to film the segment of the movie she produced) Sook arrived in Toronto from Vancouver over 10 years ago feeling the push and pull of adapting to a new and strange place.
It's nice to see Toronto through a different lens. Toronto looks so amazing when it plays itself.  When you see Toronto Stories you'll see what you've been missing.