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- 2008
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Who does the future belong to? Cold, detached machines? Not computers but human machines. Cohabitation with computers can't be far behind. Spending time on the computer takes on new meaning in the Y2K fable, Control Alt Delete. Human contact is threatened by a cursor and a mouse, computers have become so efficient at satisfying our basic needs, who needs human interaction? We've become disconnected. The daily office dialogue is a malaise of computer speak and meaningless memos. Did you get the memo? Writer and Director Cameron Labine goes even further to make his point by demonstrating how far an obsession can go with people who appear to be normal. Linking our greatest obsessions with hard core sex sensibilities, playing with the very thing computers do well, providing the most efficient sexual gratification. If you don't like yourself, then screw yourself.
Pornographic doesn't begin to describe Control Alt Delete but the film does say something about how accessible and normal hard core sex has become on the internet and in everyday life. In this film hard core porn references are thrown around the office with  intensity and reckless disregard. The steady rise of Internet porn has actually softened revenues at many sanctuaries of sin throughout North America. Why pay $7.00 for a drink and $20.00 for a lap dance when you can grab a 12 pack and yourself in the comfort of your home for half the price. This audacious piece of Cinema is less about masturbation and more about self examination. What are we doing and why are we doing it?

Dating used to be an art, an exploration of the heart and soul, now it's an exercise in fear, awkwardness and desperation.  We've outsourced our emotions and better judgement to Lava Life, E-Harmony and anything else that clicks.  Human contact has been co-opted by computers.

Control Alt Delete is dark disturbing, somewhat quirky and very funny, just like the modern office environment. Quiet desperation confined to a small suffocating space for long periods of time, someone is bound explode.
Control Alt Delete also reveals that we're more stressed, over worked and angry than ever before. Whoever said the future is friendly doesn't live in the real world.