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Young and Golden
Only is like a warm glass of hot chocolate on a cold winters day. I just adored this film from beginning to end. During the introduction of the piece, co-director Ingrid Veninger commented that she had, "found inspiration for this film on a mountainside monastery in Japan. In five seconds I knew what happiness was." Clearly this renewed energy for love and life seeped into the workings of this film.

Only connected with its audience in laughter, innocence and most of all when it came to remembering the days when we were 12 years old - do you remember? I do. I remember because I have a 10 year old niece, and I often watch her play and frolic with such a genuine passion for what it is that she is doing in that moment, with very little hesitation for what is going to happen tomorrow. It actually seems though kids have it better when it comes to living life to the fullest. That is before the stresses of adult life come into play. With age, life tends to take a more complicated, obligatory function. Eat, work, sleep.

Watching these kids wander around in the snow for hours made me envy them, like I often do my niece. Kids are free in imagination and open to adventure  - I think more adults could learn from their lifestyles.

 My favourite moments included a technique used by Veninger and her co-producer, Simon Reynolds - when Daniel and Vera are wandering around on their day of adventure - they listen to their separate ipods. As the audience, we hear what they are each listening to at the same time. But somehow, though they listen to separate music, the tunes always falls together in perfect harmony. 

I highly recommend for families to go see Only. Aside from the warm nature of the film, it also deals with the perspective of issues that may affect children including bullying, divorce and simply the search for a true friend. As much as adults are different than kids, I suppose we also underestimate the similarities of change, hardship and transition they go through.

The next screenings are Friday, September 12th at 3:30pm and Saturday, September 13th at 3:15pm.